Infinity Field

Infinity Field 1.1

Frantic arcade shooter action

Infinity Field can be described in four words: Non-stop Color Explosion Shooter. View full description


  • Great gameplay
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Multiple camera views change experience


  • Colors can get overwhelming


Infinity Field can be described in four words: Non-stop Color Explosion Shooter.

Classified as a shooter, Infinity Field requires players to use a dual touch-stick interface for movement and 360-degree directional shooting. So the movement of the ship and firing are independent of each other. Infinity Field places the ship inside a defined area where players have to destroy enemies while a countdown timer slowly ticks away.

Infinity Field contains two modes of play: Campaign and Survival. Credits are earned during gameplay that can be used for upgrades, but Infinity Field uses the old school “one life” formula where players have to gain extra lives or it's game over.

The action is very fast paced and players have to continuously keep moving and firing. Infinity Field offers power-ups during each level, but also changes the gameplay by adding different ways to defeat enemies. Sometimes players will be firing lasers and other times they will be setting off bombs. It is a fun variety of gameplay types.

With the visuals, Infinity Field hurls so much color during each level. Explosions happen every second, covering the screen in bright blasts of light in all shades. Infinity Field also offers different camera options. Players can choose from a full area view, close-up 2D view, and two different types of 3D views. The 3D views are more challenging to play because the level is tilted and moves in different directions while playing.

The audio of Infinity Field boasts an electronica rock soundtrack that fits perfectly with the action. Also the sound effects of defeated enemies are different for each type.

Infinity Field is a great arcade shooter game. Each level is short enough not to get overwhelming and the action never gets stale.


  • · Infinity Field looks and runs even better on iPhone4S.
  • · Now you can enjoy Infinity Field with a friend in the same device.
  • · A new game to play alone or with a partner.
  • · A new challenge is in the horizon.
  • · New particle system, polished effects and improved retina graphics.
Infinity Field


Infinity Field 1.1